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Ornamental Fencing Near Wichita Falls, Texas

A beautiful ornamental fence can completely transform the look and feel of your property. Whether you’re looking to enhance curb appeal, increase privacy, or add decorative flair, ornamental fencing offers endless design possibilities to match your unique style and needs.

With intricate scrollwork, flowing curves, and a variety of materials like wrought iron, aluminum, and wood, ornamental fencing goes far beyond basic chain link and privacy fences to make a distinctive statement.

At Fencing Wichita Falls TX, our team of skilled fencing experts specialize in bringing your ideal ornamental fence vision to life. We use only the highest quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship to build custom decorative fences that will stand the test of time.

From elegant black aluminum picket fencing to charming cedar log fences, our artisanship adds a touch of sophistication and charm to your landscape.

With over a decade of experience installing ornamental fences and surrounding areas, we are familiar with local codes and requirements to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Our emphasis is always on exceeding expectations through unmatched customer service, affordable pricing, and fences crafted to enhance your outdoor living space for years to come.

Whether you need a short ornamental accent fence to define a planting bed or a perimeter fence to secure your entire backyard, we have the expertise to bring your vision to reality. Contact us today to get started on your dream ornamental fencing project!

Process We Follow for Ornamental Fencing

Installing a high-quality ornamental fence requires careful planning, expert execution, and diligent attention to detail. Here is an overview of our step-by-step process for ornamental fence installation:

Initial Consultation

  • We set up an on-site assessment at your property to discuss your vision, preferred materials, and project requirements. This allows us to provide an accurate estimate and recommendations tailored to your space.

Perimeter Measurement

  • We take precise measurements of the area to be enclosed by your ornamental fence. Proper measurement ensures your fence will fit correctly with all necessary access gates.

Review Design Options

  • Based on the intended purpose, aesthetics, and functionality, we suggest ornamental fence styles and materials for you to select from. This includes presentation of photos, samples, and 3D renderings.

Permit Application

  • If required, we submit all necessary permit applications and drawings to the city of Wichita Falls on your behalf. This guarantees your fence complies with local ordinances.

Materials Selection

  • Once you’ve chosen a design, we order the highest quality materials needed like decorative metal, wood, or PVC fencing from our reliable suppliers. Sourcing quality materials prevents future issues.

Site Preparation

  • Before installation, we clear and level the area by trimming overgrown plants, removing debris, and re-grading the terrain if necessary. Proper site prep prevents structural issues.

Fence Layout

  • Based on agreed-upon fence plans, we map out post hole locations using strings and spray paint. Careful layout ensures proper spacing, alignment and structural integrity.

Digging Post Holes

  • We dig holes for fence posts at pre-marked spots per fence type requirements, with proper width, depth and spacing between holes. Sturdy holes prevent posts from loosening over time.

Fence Post Installation

  • Fence posts are placed into holes and held plumb while concrete is poured and allowed to set completely. Plumb, anchored posts provide critical support.

Fence Panel Attachment

  • Decorative fence panels, pickets, and rails are installed onto posts with appropriate brackets and hardware. We check for level and secure installation.

Access Gate Installation

  • Pre-built access gates are hung and adjusted to ensure smooth operation and ideal clearances. Gates match fencing for a cohesive look.

Finishing Touches

  • We complete your ornamental fencing project by cleaning the site, removing all debris, and applying protective sealants as needed to enhance durability and appearance.

Follow-up Quality Inspection

  • After completing installation, we perform a thorough final inspection to verify your absolute satisfaction and identify any minor adjustments needed to achieve fence perfection.

When you choose us for your ornamental fencing project, you can trust that our team will follow this proven process to expertly handle every phase from start to finish. With over 10 years of local experience, we are fully committed to bringing your unique vision to life just as you imagined it!

Cost of Ornamental Fencing in Wichita Falls, TX

The cost of installing ornamental fencing can vary based on several important factors:

  • Fence Design – More intricate, custom styles cost more than prefabricated standard fences. Unique materials like wrought iron are pricier than wood or PVC.
  • Fence Height & Length – More linear feet and taller fence height increase materials and labor costs.
  • Terrain – Fences installed on sloped or uneven ground require extra excavation and grading, adding cost.
  • Accessories – Decorative elements like finials, latticework, or masonry pillars add to the overall price.
  • Permit Fees – If city permits are required, application fees apply which must be accounted for.

To give you a general idea, most standard ornamental fence projects range from $20 – $50 per linear foot installed. A basic 20′ x 4′ tall aluminum picket fence could cost around $2,000. More extensive fencing with custom ornamental flair often ranges from $50 – $100+ per linear foot.

We provide free, no-obligation quotes tailored specifically to your unique project requirements after our initial site assessment. This allows us to give you the most accurate pricing estimate upfront, avoiding any surprises down the road.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about ornamental fence costs for your property! Our pricing is highly competitive and our priority is complete transparency regarding what to budget for your dream fence.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over a decade of experience, our team has the skills and know-how to handle any fencing challenge.


We work closely with you to create a customized fence design that enhances your property’s beauty and function.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable and attractive fencing materials are used to construct fences that stand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers neatly and efficiently install your new fence to the highest standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority throughout the process, from first consultation to final inspection.


Our competitive pricing makes stunning, customized fences attainable for homeowners in Wichita Falls, TX.

FAQs About Ornamental Fencing in Wichita Falls, TX

What are the most popular styles of ornamental fencing?

Some of the most sought-after ornamental fence styles we install are aluminum picket, wrought iron, cedar log, vinyl, and composite wood-grain fences. The options are nearly endless for adding decorative flair with finials, lattice, and scrollwork accents.

What is the best material for ornamental fencing?

It depends on your priorities – wrought iron is elegant but requires more maintenance; aluminum is durable and affordable; wood offers charm but less longevity than synthetic wood-grain materials. We recommend materials tailored to your needs.

How long does it take to install an ornamental fence?

Most residential ornamental fence installation projects take 1-3 days depending on length. Larger commercial projects can take 1-2 weeks. We schedule efficiently to complete your fence quickly.

Does my ornamental fence require a permit?

Certain fence heights, types, and locations require a permit. We handle the permitting process for you and ensure compliance with Wichita Falls codes.

How much space is needed to install my ornamental fence?

We generally recommend at least 1 foot of clear working space around the full perimeter fence line for safe installation and future maintenance access.

How do I match my ornamental fence with existing landscape elements?

Our team helps select ornamental fence styles and accessories that provide a cohesive aesthetic with your home, garden structures, and plantings.

Can ornamental fencing increase my home value?

Yes! Well-designed ornamental fences can boost curb appeal and perceived value. According to Forbes, landscaping elements like ornamental fences provide over 100% ROI on home value.

How often does ornamental fencing need maintenance?

We recommend inspecting ornamental fences yearly and applying sealants every 2-3 years to maximize lifespan. Maintenance needs vary by material. Wrought iron requires the most care.

What if my property is on a slope? Can I still install ornamental fencing?

Yes, we install ornamental fences on sloped landscapes all the time. We use special techniques to follow the terrain while keeping fence posts plumb and structural integrity intact.

Can ornamental fencing withstand Wichita Falls weather?

Our fences are engineered to withstand the extremes of the local climate. We use UV/weather-resistant materials, sealed wood, and reinforced posts for maximum stability.


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